About my studies

I discovered computer science in my last year of preparatory class. I learnt C++ to develop a small software, using Qt to craft an UI and then plot results of an experiment (trajectory of a ball subject to gravity and wind) as part of a CPGE final exam.

After that successful project, I chose ENSIMAG in order to become a software engineer.

During my studies (from 2018 to September 2021), I did three projects:

  1. Updated an existing PHP site generating reports from connected devices: E-Gleek
  2. Made an assessment on Coservit information system, in order to list the actions to take in order to continuously improve the information security of ServiceNav
  3. Developed an algorithm which find the best paths and cost to connect power plants or consumers to an electrical network at Roseau Technologies

Professionnal experience

In addition to my internships listed above, I had a few professionnal activities during my studies:

Freelancer at Amundi

I started working as a freelancer since 2018, and I am currently employed since november 2021 at Amundi, an European asset manager. I work on Amundi ESG solutions.